Post Revelation America

Warehouse? Why not?

Because warehouses are never shady...

As soon as Kit knew there was a warehouse in Boston stuffed to the brim with magical items, she immeadiately decided she was going to leanr how to break into the place. With a little luck and whole lot of research, she found out exactly how to do that. With just an address, Kit managed to get blueprints, a detail of the security system installed, and an invoice from Dell saying what kind of computers the main office might have. She’d be able to waltz right in and clean the place out without leaving a trace.

While Kit got the security breakdown, Oliver went to work learning everything else. He went straight to a NYC transplant named Jake “F&%k your mother,” named so for his response when anyone asked for his last name. Jake was a captain who helped run what little territory the Patriarca Family hadn’t lost to Winter Hill, and was a relatively young captain at that. He had no problem helping Oliver cause trouble, because it usually meant that either one of his competitors was getting shafted, he was getting a cut of whatever Oli pulled down, or both. It was one of his more lucrative business realtionships. For Oliver, Jake was a guy with enough manpower to make himself the wikipedia of the Boston underworld. There wasn’t an angle Oliver couldn’t work as long as Jake’s intel was solid, and Jake only did solid intel.

Jake didn’t know who ran the warehouse, but whoever did was making a killing by selling knockoffs in Chinatown that they had shipped in from sweatshops in Eastern Eurpoe. He also knew a thug or two Oliver could lift a security card from, and he also knew the place’s primary security force were a pair of nasty bugbears, and a bunch of other tough guys that rotated in and out.

Oli and Kit pooled their intel and decided when to plan the raid. Oli, with Dom’s help had swiped a keycard from an unwitting thug at a Blackbleeder show in Allston, and Oli made enough working copies for everyone. With that solved, they’d simply walk into the place and subdue the guards, raid the computers, wipe security clean, take some knockoffs as souvenirs, and walk out. Nell and Dom would provide as much force as deemed necessary to get the job done.

Unfortunately, plans never go that well in real life. At first, it seemed like it might. Kit and Dom got to the first Camera and took it out without a hitch, Nell was making her way to a window entrance without causing a peep, and Oliver managed to get the drop on the first mook he saw. Then, the screaming started. However, these weren’t alarm calls at all. These were screams of agony. Something marauding its way from the other side of the warehouse, and it was in their best interest not to find out why. Nevertheless, they stuck to the plan. Kit ran to the back room and found the computers. She immediately took cover and began copying every relevant file she could find. Dom and Oliver locked horns with a bugbear and an orc, overcoming them quickly to deal with the next obstacle.

As if on cue, the thing that was causing all the trouble burst into the room. A hound made of pure fire howled and bared its crimson fangs at the group. Dom quickly leapt at the beast and swung his hammer into its snout. Nell made a dash into the next room and saw half the warehouse ablaze, and at her feet lay a slain bugbear. As she turned away from the blaze, she saw a panicked thug with his gun trained on her. Without thinking, she raised her gun a fired a clean headshot. It was the first time she had ever killed another human. While the gravity of the act was not lost on her, she knew she had to keep her focus or be lost in the burning wreck. Moving through the chaos, she found the security system, mangled the tapes, and threw the rest to the flames.
Rejoining the group she found Dom and Oliver still locked with the Hellhound. Dom was going blow for blow with the monster, each looking worse for the wear. Oliver was trying to get a shot in without hitting Dom. Nell made a few swings with her baton but didn’t connect. Finally, Dom’s hammer connected with the hound’s gut. Ribs cracked and the hound fell to the floor. As a last resort, the hound spewed out a billowing plume of fire, just missing its killers. However, it did not miss a stack of crates which quickly went up. Oliver and Nell helped Dom to his feet as they moved through the crumbling old place. Kit, triumphantly holding all the data she sought, rejoined them as they made their escape, but not before making off with a crate of knockoffs for their trouble. The group limped into the shadows as the warehouse burned to nothing but cinder and ash.



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